How Your Business Can Benefit From Telegram

How Your Business Can Benefit From Telegram

Telegram’s popularity is on the upswing, as you may or may not have realised. Most likely, you’ve already begun to put it to use yourself. But now you’re wondering: Is Telegram useful for my business?

Chances are your customers are using it, too, since there are over 500 million monthly active users dispersed throughout the globe. So we suggest to get familiar with this famous messaging software and what it can do for your company immediately.

What you’ll discover in this blog is:

  • What is Telegram, and how does it work?
  • Why Telegram is a great tool for companies
  • How to make the most of Telegram as a business tool
  • Using Telegram bots to automate chats

What exactly is Telegram?

Telegram is a free chat service that prioritises speed and security. The app’s success stems mostly from its strong privacy policy. The software allows you to communicate messages, photographs, videos, stickers, and files.

According to Insider, the following are the key advantages of Telegram:

  • End-to-finish encryption: You may utilise the secret chat mode to have your communication encrypted from beginning to end.
  • Messages that self-destruct: hidden messages may be programmed to self-destruct after a certain amount of time.
  • Telegram enables file attachments of up to 2 GB in size.
How Your Business Can Benefit From Telegram

Users of Telegram

Telegram has 500 million monthly active users worldwide. Among the 500 million users:

  • Asia accounts for 38% of the total.
  • Europe accounts for 27% of the total.
  • Latin America accounts for 21% of the total.
  • MENA accounts for 8% of the total.

There are some additional statistics we may gather from Telegram’s user behaviour:

  • Telegram users spend 2.9 hours each month on the app on average.
  • The user demographics are 41.4 percent female and 58.6 percent male.
  • Android smartphones are used by 85 percent of Telegram users.

What are the advantages of using Telegram for your business?


Customers are more concerned about privacy. As a result, Telegram is a viable option for your company’s communications. Customers prefer to use a secure messaging app to convey sensitive information. For the time being, it’s not a must-have, but it will make Telegram an indispensable tool in the near future.

Groups on the Telegram messaging service

For your company, Telegram’s group functions are also quite appealing. There are groups and supergroups that enable you to engage with individuals ranging from 200 to 5.000. You can use it to keep in touch with your clients by using this simple method.

Channels in the Telegram messaging service.

Telegram channels may also be set up and broadcast messages sent. Subscribing to this channel will allow Telegram users to get all of your messages. There is no limit to the amount of subscribers a channel may have. Using channels, you can keep your consumers abreast of new products, services, and other developments.

Files may be shared

To contribute further files, have consumers ever been redirected from your site to another? Contracts, forms, and other files up to 2 GB in size may be sent between Telegram users. As a result, you will never again have to switch channels in order to exchange documents.

How to successfully use Telegram for your business

Customer contact occurs for one of two reasons: sales or support. We will show you how to use Telegram for both of these things.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Telegram

Customer service through Telegram

Customers that contact you most of the time have a query regarding your product or service. You may respond to these inquiries by just sending a message, or you can use one of the following fascinating features to provide next-level support:

Video calling: In Telegram, you may initiate a video call with up to 1000 viewers. This allows you to provide live help during personal chats or enlighten a large group of clients at the same time.

Screensharing: If your video conference requires some visual assistance, you may share your screen in a couple of seconds.

Document sharing: In groups and personal discussions, you may exchange documents up to 2 GB in size. This is useful for exchanging documents such as guidelines or forms.

It is entirely up to you whether to take use of these capabilities or stick to a more basic approach. In any case, Telegram is an excellent complement to your help channels.

Telegram for business sales

You may also use Telegram to process orders and provide product discounts and sales information. Here are some noteworthy characteristics you may leverage to enhance brand recognition and sales:

Create channels: You may use channels to distribute discount coupons and other information with your consumers.

Voice messages: Channel and public group administrators may hold voice talks for millions of live listeners. This is a terrific approach to motivate your consumers with new product launches or discounts, for example.

As you can see, Telegram provides more complex communication options. This allows you to differentiate yourself from competition and sell more.

Using omnichannel platforms to enhance the customer’s journey

As if the above listed benefits weren’t enough, there are still ways to increase your relationship with customers. With a platform like Rych, you can use rapid responses, and collaborate with your customer service teammates to amplify your customers interactions.

You can also gather data, analyse behaviors and adapt to it by accessing it via the main Rych dashboard.

Set up your company’s Telegram account now!

Telegram’s user base continues to grow, and you should be joining the trend.

For businesses, Telegram is an excellent way to customise customer service and increase sales. What if you could keep track of your Telegram conversations in the same place you keep track of your other accounts? Work together on client dialogues and enhance your retention with Rych, which brings together all of your channels in one place.

Start using Telegram and Rych for free by signing up here.

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