3 benefits which will improve your customer experience.​

3 benefits which will improve your customer experience.​

It is without a doubt that digital business trends in Southeast Asia (SEA) continue to multiply with its 400M internet users in 2020. E-Commerce, online media and food delivery adoption and usage have surged tremendously with a resilient GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) of US$100B and poised to grow over US$300B GMV by 2025. Consumers and SMEs have become more receptive to online transactions with further expansion from FinTech, HealthTech and EduTech sectors.

2020 was a year of uncertainty as the world combats pandemic, went and going through various lockdown, which interrupted business and everyday life on many levels. That being said, the need to address and manage your customers promptly, sharing content in the fastest way possible in this competitive era is the future of marketing trend.

Here are 3 benefits how you can improve customer service and manage your customers effectively:


Fast forward around this time in 2021, many of us were forced into an unprecedented REMOTE “work from home” which includes the front lines of customer service department.

Responding and managing complains, messages and enquiries over multiple social media channels and emails within few hours can be a challenge.

And if we streamline all channels into one integrated communication platform without your resources and work flexibility compromised, would you be curious to explore? Perhaps it would be good to explore a simple and secure communication platform to ease your customer support.


The exercise of social media channels to engage and reply your customers has become increasingly intense. Most times, customers expect replies within 30 minutes.

Oftentimes, customer service is the “representer” or “messenger” for the organization. With the one stop integrated platform, you can streamline customer response to the rightful department or business unit to reply instead of weighing it solely on one department, promoting teamwork all in a SINGLE SIGN-ON.

A great customer response and service can gain loyalty and attract new customers through recommendations. 70% of happy customers will likely be recommending your products and services to their friends.


You will be able to build your customer profiles all under one single secure platform from all social media and communication channels.

This way, you can also facilitate a better understanding of the customers profile and behavior. With profiles built, businesses would already segmentized customers and generate analytics for an effective marketing approach.

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